• DCE

    MorS & Danie Cortese Entertainment working together 

  • MorS will be playing in NVL Radio in Spain; you can visit and vote to support MorS staring from April 2,012

  • MorS gave an UNPLUGGED concert at Lynn University in Boca Raton on November 15 of 2,010. The most acclaimed song was Believe…! and as a surprise for everyone he played a new song from his second album which aroused much interest to his public.


  • Think is an original production written by MorS, which is based on rhythmic progressive rock. "The singer's first album contains six songs that express the feelings of a whole life, listening to them can make you feel a connection between the mind, the soul and the spirit.

  • In 2,006 MorS promoted a tour and played live along with German Giordano, Fernando Martin and Josue Melgar, creating magical and wonderful concerts….