Lyrics: Believe

  • Believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have to believe.
    Believing is the only reason to be able to keep your dreams.
    Is not easy. (I know.............)

    ** A dream awoke in me a long time ago, and for believing in it, just at this moment, my dream is becoming true.
    ** The fact of believing in it:
    o gave me the drive to throw myself into the abyss.
    o trying to make it .

    I believe.
    ** Whether it’s heard by everyone or not, I simply realize what is going on!
    ** I’m talking to myself and imagining that you are listening to me somewhere.
    And that is why I wrote it.
    Because I believe
    Because I want you to believe too.
    That’s why I think.
    We have to believe.

    ** Believe in what each one chooses to believe.
    ** I have learned to believe and for believing I have been able to keep dreaming.
    ** The power that believing in something carries is unbelievable. (Is unbelievable, it’s magical)
    In my case it’s my dream and my faith, that’s why I think we should believe.



    Lyrics & Music composed, arranged and performance by: MorS