Lyrics: Just For A Little Moment

  • -So many things
    -So many feelings
    -Is it so hard to be happy?
    -Is it so hard to see the beautiful things in life?
    -With so much unsatisfaction, with so much materialism.
    -We are losing the sense of what living is, of what living is.
    -Let’s stop just for a moment; throw everything out of our mind
    -Just imagine for a moment not being able to see or walk.
    -Imagine for a moment that those people are struggling, smiling and trying against that reality day after day.
    -Sometimes we stop seeing the good things around us,
    -We lose control, We lose our happiness for nothing
    -Think of a way of not letting yourself be caught in that fake
    happiness, just for a moment.
    -Well die sooner or later
    -We should live each day as if it were the last in our lives!
    -I know it is hard, it is not easy
    -But that’s why we should remember just for a moment day by
    day, the other conditions in life and have a glimpse at the good
    things around us
    -Money doesn’t mark success,
    - Peace in our soul does
    -Whether we have money or not
    -Whether we are one way or another: physically, intellectually
    or spiritual.
    - Any profession we have
    -We all have our magic and the most important thing is to
    discover it inside of us and in every person
    -I know of many sad hearts,
    -I was one of them for a while
    -I lost control, I lost my mind
    -In at any moment you feel your heart is sad
    -Don’t lose your mind, Don’t lose control
    -Think, only for a moment that sooner or later, if you try to look further, You will discover the magic of living.


    Lyrics & Music composed, arranged and performance by: MorS