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The six songs contained in this disk are connected to give pursuit to one single message "Because I think just for a little moment I believe in love but be careful with the shadow..... and remember when you were young ". (MorS.)

The first theme, Think, expresses that one doesn't know when he/she will die, and when thinking about this, it is possible to visualize that this could be our Iast day of life on this earth, therefore it is necessary to seek inner peace and try to live happy doing what each person is involved in.

The second theme, Just for a little moment, is a reflection about not losing the sense of what it is to live, since sometimes one has a lot of unsatisfaction in life, that when meditating just for a little moment one realizes there are people with physical handicaps, and that everyday they fight and struggle to do what they do. Knowing this belittles our own problems and we should be motivated to live life to the fullest.

The third track, Believe, speaks about the necessity to believe, in what each person wants to believe in, to believe in our dreams, in peace, love, hope, to believe in oneself... etc.

The fourth track, I love you, speaks of true love and sincerity.

The fifth theme, Be careful with the shadow, talks about how one should be careful with all the shadows that can achieve a loss of the essence of life.

The sixth theme, Remember when you were young, suggests to us to remember our inner child so that we don't lose the magic that creates our imagination, and that when we are able to have that connection with our imagination we will be able to transmit joy and happiness and at the same time have a better time in this world that sometimes shows us a hard and sad reality.


MorS also gives us a visual interpretation in the cover, of what it transmits and expresses in its songs in this first titled album Think.

"The sea represents the space and the time that we are in this earth, and the sea is represented with a tranquility because I write in the songs that what we should be able to obtain that goal of having a calm life with inner peace, doing what we do in the place that we are, that is sometimes difficult to achieve day by day. The connection between this world and the other world is also represented with a stairway, but it is unfinished because I don't know what the other world is like, nor what is there. And for that reason the sky is there, since I speak of dying, it represents an afterlife, and I believe that if we have a good life looking for inner peace we will achieve it eventually and that is what is represented by the beautiful sky. And the face expresses that what I dreamt, I thought and imagined, is what is being represented like a visual introduction of what will be listened". ( MorS. )


Why MorS ? "Because they have called me this way my whole life, it is as if it was my real name, it is for that reason that's the nickname I chose to represent my artistic name" (MorS).

English is the language with which MorS is expressed in his musical compositions, and this corresponds to the fact that since his childhood he liked to listen music in the english language.

"With this production that is his first great musical achievement, he seeks to be known, to satisfy people's pleasures and to follow this road that always fills their vital space" (Hilda Rodas / Prensa Libre)

"I want to thank all the people, the musicians, the advertising agency, the photographer, the recording studio and reproduction studio, to all those that one way or another have been involved in the project and contributed to its magic. To the people that supported me, the media that offered their support, to all those people that gave some of their time to visit this space in the web and also to all the people that believe in MorS after they listen to the album and to had a good time doing so" (MorS).