MorS   (Rodrigo Santisteban Bethancourt)

Progressive rock Singer, composer and song writer. Born on March 21, 1979, in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.  MorS began his first steps as an artist at the age of five. He comes from a family of marimba musicians; His grandfather Rodolfo Bethancourt and his great uncle Domingo Bethancourt who was an exceptional marimba player and composer.

MorS was given a guitar by his father at the age of seven as a present being that the first musical instrument that he played. Later he started taking piano, guitar and singing classes.  He studied at the National Conservatory of Music where he took a performance-intensive training pursuing his career in music.

MorS as a child had a very imaginative and creative mind. He recalls that by the age of nine he was already composing his own songs. At the age of 16 he started, recording and producing on his own. He also played in several local bands in his community.  With this he gained a lot of experience and realized that this was his true passion.

Why MorS? He has been called that way his whole life and he feels so identified with this nickname that he feels as if this is his real name. For this reason he has chosen it as his artistic name. On the other hand this name also has a mystery behind it: "In Roman mythology, Mors is the personification of death. He is the son of the goddess of night, Nox, and is the brother of the personification of sleep, Somnus".

Coincidence or magic? MorS music is somehow connected to his life. When he was a child he used to go bicycle riding, kite flying and play base ball at a cemetery. This was because in his neighborhood there weren’t any parks and areas to play. For that reason he used the cemetery as a park. This has given him a deeper sense of life appreciation, not losing the real essence of life and enjoying every instance of his journey through life no matter what the obstacles are.

What makes his music career more interesting is that he being in a Spanish speaking country, his music is in English, a language which he has been fascinated by.  The other important thing to mention about his music is that it has a cultural, intelligent and philosophical sense, because in his music he tries to involve the mind, the feelings and the soul, "for that reason he is considered one of the most promising singer/songwriter of this era".

Why Sing in English? Since he was a child he always listened to English music and this inspired him to compose and sing in English.

MorS was not only inspired by working in his music and entertainment, he also worked in being a professional. He studied Engineering and has been successfully working as an engineer and financial business for the past 15 years. He has worked in several things that gave him a lot of experience in different areas like architecture, restoration of buildings, constructions, projects, education, administration and finances in the business field.

MorS can be considered as a great example to many people in the world today for his perseverance and dedication to what is his greatest passion; music.  With great pride he offers the world today his album named "Think" which contains six songs that are very inspirational and why not say; has a message behind it. "Because I think just for a little moment, I believe in love, but be careful with the shadow....., and remember when you were young". (MorS). With this message MorS opens the world to a new meaning of life and a message of hope to people of all ages.

In 2006 MorS promoted a tour along with German Giordano a renamed lead guitarist and Jazz player, Fernando Martin Professional drummer and José Melgar an exceptional musician. This tour lasted for one year and a half. One of these concerts took place in Antigua Guatemala where Think, Believe, and I love you were the greatest hits of the night.

What’s MorS Like? He has an extraordinary passion for his music. He works each day on having a peaceful life full of passion, patience, humility, honesty and courage. What can be admired most about him is that he has been a very successful person, since he has been able to make a professional career along with his music. He continues composing and performing. One of his greatest dreams is to be known around the world. With his music he wants to reach out to many people and fill their lives of hope for their future, to motivate people to remember the miracle and magic of live and to look beyond.

MorS lives for his music and wishes to transmit all these feelings to the people worldwide. So why not get immersed with what he has to give. Get inspired and  ready to live a truly new experience.  Why not connect your brain, soul and feelings with his music.